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ATTN: Publishers & Promotion Agencies

Tours, blitzes, cover reveals, exclusive artist interviews and content is made possible through a number of avenues.

Phoebe’s Rainbow World (PRW) is fortunate to work with many individuals, companies, and corporations to be able to bring our Rainbows the best content we can. We are constantly striving to expand our offerings and give voice to many artists who do not get heard.

Flipping Rainbows is the book publishing side of PRW and under its umbrella all items that are book related fall under it.

Rainbow Sounds is music publishing side of PRW.

Rainbow Bingeables is our movies, web-series, television, and anything in that range of entertainment is handled under that umbrella.

Kids Sleeping Under A Rainbow is our non-profit company. More on this important endeavor later.

PRW strives to promote artists in the LGBTQ+ community especially those who are in the minority (which we include women to be). This does not mean that we do not promote other genres, but our main focus is the LGBTQ+ community.

We love to host tours, blitzes, and cover reveals. We love to screen music, movies, web-series and videos. We write book reviews, conduct interviews, and write articles on a variety of topics.

Not all of our content is PG – our Editor has a tendency to write off of the top of her head and she can be a little saucy. PRW is not afraid to promote the risque or the sweet and clean. We have done both.

PRW recognizes that everyone wants their logo on the website, but unfortunately due to the number of entities PRW works with this is impossible. We strive to put on our front page the items that will we have to by law and that Rainbows want to see.

All entities have their links if desired underneath this page heading and within the blog that is promoting their event. All blogs have the same formatting.*

If you are interested in having us do any of the above, please contact us at or click Contact.

Thank you for allowing us to host your event and share your information with our Rainbows!



*2018 and 2019 blogs are currently being brought up 2020 PRW standards.

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