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ATTN: Authors

Please send all .mobi files to Please provide the due date you would like the review posted by and all of your social media contacts.

If you have not read the latest Decoding Book Reviews to understand how I rate book reviews, this might be great time to do so before you send your book. (Always posted on the first of the month.)

I will be honest here and state that LGBTQ+ books of all genres have preferred seating. Stating that though, I do read all genres as you can see by my reviews.

Now I just lied, I do not read all genres (laugh). This is where you really need to pay attention. I am not a huge fan of women’s fiction, westerns, historicals, or writers who use ten words when one will do. Now in writing this I know that there are always exceptions to this as a year ago I would have had science fiction on this list and K.C. Luck started to change all of that for me and now I read sci-fi all the time and love it.

I have read some historicals and loved them. One of my favorite books of 2019 had a very distinctive writing style and I praised them for it. So there are exceptions, but they are rare and few. I just want to give a heads up that if you have one of these novels, I may not be the best reviewer for you. I prefer being honest.

Now if you send me your book and two months later you have no promotion on the book, then I probably reviewed it and did not promote it. You will probably find it at the end of the month in a blog called December Reads for example. On the last day of the month all of the books that I rate three stars or less go in this blog and get posted. I do not promote this blog on social media. I see no need to promote three star reviews.

If I liked your book then the review on my blog will be different than what I post on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub. I have a tendency to write in a chatty tone and a…hmmmm sexual overtone? (laugh). So the censors have a tendency to hit me as I have learned, so I change things up or leave things out in my public views. If I am a constant reviewer or crush on you, see Arizona Tape reviews for example, I will talk to you and stalk you. (Not really stalk you stalk you – oh my gosh I’m not crazy.)

Anyhoo, have I covered everything? Hmmmmm….

I love extras if you have any: excerpts, a line or two that I can include in the review, something that makes my blog jump out and gets more viewers to my page. If you have a giveaway you are promoting – I will promote it too.

There is a method to my posting madness. There are rainbow days and non-rainbow days. Days do get mixed due to the number of books that come in, but I try to promote rainbow material on rainbow days, and non-rainbow materials on non-rainbow days. This usually averages out to two days each a week.

Gosh, I feel like I am forgetting something. Of course, if you have any questions you can email me at any time.

Editors aka Phoebe

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