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Zoe Perez moves to Donovan Grove with her daughter to open a bookstore. Almost immediately she meets one of the town’s two lesbians Anna. Anna seems interesting, but keeps sending mixed signals.

Anna likes her life the way it is – exactly the way it is. She likes staying home and going out on her designated days. She got a dog, Hemingway, to get her out of the house everyday to walk. Anna has work, her family, and painting. She does not want to date or have a relationship.

Yet Anna cannot stop herself from walking by Anna’s bookshop even though it has the hated holiday Valentine’s Day decorations up. Anna may not believe in Valentine’s Day, but she is starting to believe she might have to make an exception for Zoe.

Two Hearts Alone (Ladylit Publishing, 9789887912491, 2020) is the first book in Harper Bliss’ new “Two Hearts” trilogy. I loved this book. This is definitely my week for reading characters that I closely relate to and Anna and I are a lot alike. 

Bliss wrote a romance about women who are in their mid-way of life and still believe in love. This is a “sweet clean romance”. Bliss lets these two women find their way to each other without lots of drama or crazy obstacles thrown in. There are cute moments and moments which made my heart melt. I think yours will too.

This is the perfect romance for Valentine’s Day. (no matter what Anna says (laugh))

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.



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#2 Two Hearts Together set for release 3 March 2020

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Further Details:
Pages: 138
Cover: Caroline Manchoulas
Setting: New York
Sex: N/A

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