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Mona and her friends might have a cure, but time is running out and the enemy is drawing near.

Mona’s mother gives her the solution, but it takes time to recreate and it might not work. Caspian is having a hard time believing that his mother cursed his girlfriend. Professor Feathertop is showing an increased interest in Mona and her kitties. Plus, the year will be ending soon and if Mona does not pass she will not be staying at the Academy.

No pressure.

Once again, I am skimping on the synopsis (laugh).

Laura Greenwood is making it harder and harder to write a review without giving something away. Greenwood has packed Fourth Time’s A Cure (Drowlgon Press, 978-1653402700, 2019) with all kinds of deliciousness that it would be too easy to say something I should not. I did say that this series is turning into one of my favorites by her did I not? No pressure Ms. Greenwood (laugh).

There is magic, romance, laughter, and friendship in Cure. I should probably add that there are plenty of cute kitties too (laugh). There is also family drama, tense verbal scenes, and kisses. A battle is coming and the bad magic guys just threw down a gauntlet that Mona cannot resist. Bring on the next book because it is the end and I cannot wait!

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.




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Pages: 101
Cover Design: Vampari Designs
Formatting: Gina Writes Words
Settings: Grimalkin Academy, UK
Sex: N/A

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