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Betrayals extend beyond Mona as the team plans to break Caspian out of prison.

We left Mona and everyone stunned by Caspian’s arrest for black magic.

No one can figure out how the authorities found out Caspian did black magic or why they were not arrested too. 

The mysteries get even muddier by the involvement of family and not just Mona’s as the past affects the present. Answers come to light, but no solutions. 

I know! I know! The synopsis is very short, but this is a complex tale we are talking about here.

Laura Greenwood weaves a tapestry of many layers in Third Time’s A Crime (Drowlgon Press, B07V9XMZ95, 2019), the third book in the “Grimalkin Academy: Kittens” series. There are answers to questions, but yet not really answers. I want to talk about it, but do not want to give away any spoilers (laugh).

The relationship with the guys seems to be progressing naturally, but with no one really communicating and I mean the guys having a conversation about being poly. Mona is up to nine kitties by the end of this book and Daphne has an interesting idea about the spell involving the kitties. Mona kept a lot of secrets from Daphne in this book.

I liked this book, but this book feels more like a setup for what is coming up because a lot of information was given – BUT not the whole story. I still have soooooo many questions. Man that Greenwood is good. See you in Mona’s room!



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